Fastest Lines Training

River Up-skills & Fastest Lines Training Weekend


Date TBC - $489 Including Jet Boat Fee 

This weekend course will help you to improve your kayaking by building on the skills you have learnt on you Grade 2 Certificate Course. It is our aim to see your both confidence and ability grow through the weekend and prepare you for your first trip through the Gorge. The course is structured in a way so we can ensure that this happens.



  • Day Onejet boat and kayaks gorge

Day One focuses on improving your boat control, boat placement, forward paddling and river reading skills. We will be teaching you how to identify and choose the correct braids, setting your boat up for paddling bluffs and gaining further control of your boat on the river. Today will also include further river safety skills including some swimming. The section of river we use is from Woodstock.



  • Day Two

Day Two will see us traveling by jet boat up into the Gorge. Today will be focused on running bluffs and rapids and further improving the techniques and skills we worked on during Day One. We will be looking to build your skills and confidence on some of the tricker features on the river. We will demonstrate good race lines and continue to work on your river reading skills.

This is a great weekend on the river and we cannot recommend it enough.



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